Equipment and Asset Management (RFID and NFC)

Solution for MAINTENANCE and Technical Assistance to equipment

If you have the responsibility and challenge of the management and maintenance of multiple equipment and assets, our solution offers the necessary tools to perform your work.

Using NFC tags to safely identify your equipment and a cloud platform that monitors and provides real-time information, the management and maintenance of assets solution allows proper identification of equipment and locations, ensuring the registration of the presence of a particular technician near a specific equipment, providing them the right information so that they can carry out their work as quickly as and efficiently as possible.

  • Equipment Identification

    All equipment/items to be controlled are identified, in a secure manner, using a proximity technology.

  • Mobile

    Service technicians only need to use a mobile terminal for obtaining information and registering their presence.

  • Cloud Server

    It allows the solution to be available at any location, in a secure and immediate way to any technician.

  • Low Cost

    Costs directly related to the amount of equipment to be monitored, ensures scalability and that the solution grows with your company.

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