Event Management

Integrated Event Management

Totally focused on delivering technology tools that simplify the lives of meeting planners and that enable them to differentiate, MobilityNow developed "beamian | Digital you"

Through the use of smartbadges (credentials) for visitors and identifiers for brands and exhibitors, an interaction mechanics between all is implemented, allowing a simplified check-in, passing/collecting contacts, prioritization of commercial leads, sending documents, registration in sub-events and even the implementation of play and interaction mechanics among participants. All of it adapted to the type of event that you will organize.

  • We identify participants

    We provide smartbadges to electronically identify the participants, allowing them to interact with brands and organizers instantly.

  • We identify exhibitors

    We provide tools that allow exhibitors to establish interaction mechanics with the visitors (from exchanging contacts, to shares in social networks.)

  • We make interaction easier

    Our tools allow the participants, exhibitors and organizers to make better use of each event, with security and enthusiasm.

  • In real-time

    Everything happens during the event, a new customer, a shared photo, a document sent. All designed to leverage the experience of your event.

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